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April 10, 2021

Microsoft Teams Project Management Apps

Microsoft Teams is a unique collaboration platform that allows you to share your knowledge, work on different projects, and collaborate effectively across the organization. What we love most is the ability to integrate third-party apps that can streamline your work processes and improve your Teams experience. Check out the most popular Microsoft Teams project management apps here.

Project Management Apps for Microsoft Teams


Everyone has heard about Trello – an app to manage projects and perform daily tasks. With Trello, you can create dashboards for all your use cases: project management, sales collaboration, onboarding process, and so on. Customize your boards with lists and cards that contain all the required content – checklists, notes, due dates, attachments and comments. Plus, code-less automation helps you reduce tedious tasks by harnessing the power of automation across your entire team.

Trello app for Microsoft Teams

Trello app for Microsoft Teams

The Trello app connects your Trello teams to those in Microsoft Teams. You can add Trello as a new tab in a dedicated channel. This allows you to view Trello’s boards, lists, and cards directly in the Teams environment. In addition, you can use Trello Connector to automatically receive notifications from Teams about changes made to Trello.

Trello app for Microsoft Teams


Asana brings your team’s work to one shared place. You can run projects effectively with custom visuals, such as a list view to organize and assign tasks. With a board view, you can easily manage dependent, overlapping, and unscheduled tasks. In addition, you can automate routine tasks. For example, a project overview lets you share goals and key resources to keep your team aligned.


Asana with Teams

Another feature is the ability to integrate Asana with many other apps, such as Outlook, SharePoint, Power BI and of course Microsoft Teams. By connecting Asana to Teams, you can collaborate on Asana tasks and keep your work connected without leaving your Teams environment. Maximize visibility and view Asan tasks, projects, status updates and portfolios directly in Microsoft Teams.

Asana for Teams.png

SalesTim – Microsoft Teams App

SalesTim – is a collaboration process management app for Microsoft Teams. With SalesTim, you are able to structure your Teams environment, automate team creations, and establish strong governance policies at no additional cost to IT.

Sales Tim Templates-catalog.png

SalesTim Automation allows you to create your own Teams template catalog. In this case, you can create a project management template with default, private and shared channels, app tabs, uploaded files and folders, and more. In this way, as a project manager, you can quickly create fully equipped teams from Project Management Template with all content included.

So you can quickly create a fully equipped team based on Project Management Template with:

  • Copied standard, private and shared channels to collaborate on projects and share content
  • Cloned files and folders containing important documents such as guidelines, codes of practice, report templates, etc.
  • Pre-built planner with boards, tasks, notes and attachments
  • Tabs with other apps, such as Yammer to interact with project experts or Sharepoint to access your access library or your internal Hub sites


Jira is another great tool to perform effective project management. It has many products, such as Jira Software, Jira Align, Jira Service Management and others. Let’s discuss a few.

With Jira Software you can plan, track and release your own software. You can create user stories and issues and divide tasks among your software team. In addition, you can use a template workflow or create your own workflow to manage your processes.

Then, with Jira Align, you can collect team-level data to make all work visible across your enterprise in real time. Bring everyone on the same page to determine scope, roadmaps and dependencies between teams and portfolios.

Jira Cloud and Jira Server with Microsoft Teams

This integration brings your Jira experience into your collaborative environment, keeping your team focused and able to communicate on a variety of topics. You can also interact with the Jira Cloud bot to create, assign, and edit issues. In addition, the message extension allows you to directly search for a specific problem and send it to a channel or conversation.

Jira for Microsoft Teams


Wrike allows you and your colleagues to collaborate on projects and improve your customer experience. Visualize plans with Gantt charts, enable Agile teams with Kanban boards, and build your workflows to accelerate projects such as event management, product delivery, or onboarding. Another feature is the ability to use custom request forms that collect details and automatically create and assign tasks to the appropriate teams.


Wrike App with Microsoft Teams

After integrating Wrike into your Teams environment, you can add folders and projects as new tabs to a dedicated channel. This way you can view all tasks, edit important task details, add comments and mention your colleagues in your Teams environment.

In addition, any Microsoft Teams user can create a Wrike account and invite teammates to the account through Microsoft Teams.

Wrike for Teams is the visual platform that helps you plan, organize and track all your team’s activities. To streamline processes, you can create your own workflow or choose from over 200 ready-made templates. Create a board with groups, items, and updates that sync in real time. Notify teammates, attach files, and link boards together so it’s easy to track and execute progress. App with Microsoft Teams

By integrating with Teams, you can structure and streamline your projects and processes in one place. So you can create new boards and collaborate on existing boards right from Microsoft Teams tabs. In addition, by using the Monday bot you can receive notifications from your boards and create new items. Finally, you can customize your personal space tab to stay on top of your weekly project.

Microsoft Teams integration with

berry apps

Beesy – is an AI-powered collaboration solution to plan, organize, collaborate and track your work. Let’s name a few of the possibilities:

  • Reduce time spent on emails with email tracking and an up-to-date mailbox
  • Organize meetings with notes and follow up action plans
  • Manage your team members and drive action plan progress
  • Simplify task management with custom reporting and more

Bessapps with Microsoft Teams

Bessy combines all action plans, meeting notes, projects and goals. The integration of Bessy and Teams saves you time spent managing your goals and working together. Collect essential information from your team chat and meeting action items, turn important emails into tasks, and more. Pin your custom dashboards and views as new tabs and collaborate on projects with your teammates.

BessApp with Microsoft Teams


Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform that allows teams and organizations to plan and manage automation and reporting. This tool allows you to create various dashboards and views to track your progress with helpful visuals. You can share your work results with stakeholders inside and outside your organization. Plus, you can streamline processes with automated workflows including reminders and updates.


Smartsheet with Microsoft Teams

By connecting Smartsheet to your Teams environment, you can send Smartsheet notifications directly to Teams channels. You can then add any sheet, dashboard, or report as a new tab in Teams channels. This can bring conversations together even if members of your project team don’t have access to the Smartsheet platform.



MeisterTask is an online task management tool for teams. This app allows you to organize and manage tasks in a designed and customizable environment. You can create dashboards of tasks and build relationships between them. For example, you can mark tasks as related to, duplicated, or blocked by other tasks. You can then load predefined checklists or custom fields to tasks. Plus, you can create workflows to automate repetitive steps and increase your team’s efficiency.

master task

MeisterTask App with Microsoft Teams

Integrate MeisterTask with Microsoft Teams and perform effective task management for your project team. To do this, you can add the MeisterTask project dashboard as a new tab in a Teams channel. This way you can collaborate on your project tasks with the same interface without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Turn your plans into projects with MeisterTask for Microsoft Teams


Miro is the online whiteboard collaboration platform that helps you distribute teams to work. It enables teams to keep everyone involved and aligned in the project development process, from idea to production. With Miro, you can invite users to your online board to brainstorm, take notes, and track projects. Create your own dashboards or use one of Miro’s templates, such as business model canvas, user story cards, fishbone diagrams, and more. Customize whiteboards by uploading images, documents, spreadsheets, and more.

Online collaborative whiteboard platform to better align with customers

Miro App for Microsoft Teams

With Miro and Microsoft Teams, you can receive notifications from Miro directly in the Teams environment. It allows everyone on your team to stay up to date with feedback, reviews, and other important content as you go through your normal workflow. Add any board created in Miro as a new tab in Teams channels and start conversations with your colleagues to discuss updates and project changes.

Miro App for Microsoft Teams
Miro with Microsoft Teams


Klaxoon is a great collaboration tool for efficient teamwork. This app improves your meeting experience by connecting people in one meeting room. Thus, each attendee will receive a meeting code via email or message and then can connect to the online or offline meeting via mobile and participate in brainstorming, sharing ideas, carrying out projects, participating in quizzes and surveys and much more.


In addition, you can use pre-built Klaxoon templates to organize meetings effectively. Weekly template, OKR method, risk management, quick project sheet and much more.

Horn with Microsoft Teams

Your team can use Klaxoon directly from Microsoft Teams to share ideas and collaborate effectively. Directly within Teams you can share a Klaxoon network in a necessary Teams channel. This way, your project tea has access to all resources that are shared on Klaxoon’s private workplace. By integrating Klaxoon with Teams, you enable every team member to have the same experience, wherever they are.

Microsoft and Klaxoon connect their collaboration tools

Microsoft Teams Apps for Project Management

Finally, let’s list some of the Office 365 apps that can help you manage projects. What’s especially great is their ability to integrate with each other.

Microsoft Planner to manage project tasks

Microsoft Planner is a great tool to manage daily tasks, run project progress, and more. Planner allows you to create different buckets of cards. Assign tasks to each person on your project team, add due dates, attach files and links, add checkboxes, and collaborate with your teammates via task comments.


Add Planner as a new tab in your Teams channel and manage daily activities without leaving teams. In addition, you can change the view to boards, diagrams or graphs. In addition, SalesTim Planner allows you to add template level. Build a Microsoft Teams template with the Scheduler tab and it will be automatically added to the newly created teams from this template.


Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a powerful and easy-to-use app that will help you run any project successfully. Here you can easily plan your projects with the power of dynamic scheduling based on effort required, project duration and assigned team members.

When you create a new project, it basically starts in a grid view which is basically a list of tasks. Here you can assign tasks, set the duration and progress, and add another custom column.

With a timeline view, you see your project’s tasks in a traditional Gantt view where you can manage tasks that are spread across the timeline. In addition, you can hover over the tasks and summaries to easily see what they are scheduled for.

Microsoft Project

What’s great is the ability to integrate Microsoft Project into Microsoft Teams. This feature allows you to add a link to your project from Project for the web as a new tab in the Microsoft Teams environment. Share project files, start online meetings and conversations, and track project progress in one place.


Power BI to build and share projects reports

Microsoft Power BI helps your organization collect, manage, and analyze data from a variety of sources. Export data, build reports, make the right decisions, and easily share content with your colleagues in the Office 365 environment.

Microsoft power BI

Connecting Power BI to Microsoft Teams makes it easy to collaborate on reports directly in a team channel. As a project manager, you can add a project report to any of the tabs in your team and monitor the dynamics of project indicators in real time.


Automate team creations from any app with Power Automate

Wondering how to streamline your processes? With Power Platform, you can automate repetitive tasks and save time by using Microsoft Teams connector with other apps. Wondering how to get notifications or set up an approval process? Read our article on the basic capabilities of Microsoft Teams and Power Automate.


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