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October 20, 2022

Microsoft Teams Premium unveiled at Ignite 2022

Teams Premium adds a long list of business-oriented features to the communications platform.

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has announced a new Teams Premium add-on that will be available in preview in December 2022.
  • Teams Premium adds several features to the communications platform, including meeting guides, branded meeting experiences and intelligent meeting summaries.
  • New advanced meeting security makes Teams more secure, while advanced webinars and advanced virtual appointments help professional users connect with customers.

Microsoft Teams Premium was announced at Ignite 2022. The add-on adds several features to the Teams experience that should help professional users. This will make meetings more organized, allow AI to provide deeper insights and improve platform security, Microsoft said. Teams Premium is in preview in December.

Meeting guides are designed to simplify the process of choosing the right meeting experience. There are manuals for a customer meeting, brainstorming meeting, help desk support and other situations.

Teams custom branded meeting lobby

During meetings, organizations can brand the experience with custom logos and backgrounds in the Teams lobby. Custom backgrounds can be set at the organization level, organizers can set custom scenes in Together mode. When all features are used in combination, meetings with an organization should feel like a seamless experience with clear branding.

Several features will enhance meetings, including:

  • An intelligent summary
  • AI-generated tasks
  • Intelligent playback
  • Personalized insights
  • Intelligent search
  • Live translations for captions

After a meeting is over, people who missed the event can see personalized highlights. Intelligent playback allows users to see key parts of meetings without having to listen to an entire session. When a meeting notes an important moment, such as when a person’s name is mentioned, it is noted as a personal insight.

Microsoft also has new features coming for Teams webinars. Teams Premium supports waiting lists for registrations, manual approvals and automated reminder emails. Hosts and presenters can also meet in a virtual green room.

Managing virtual appointments is also improved with Teams Premium, thanks to support for text message reminders prior to appointments, a lobby experience and appointment tracking.

On the security front, advanced meeting protection will secure confidential meetings. Organizers can watermark content to prevent leaks and limit which users can record the meeting.


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