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December 14, 2022

Microsoft Teams Premium Add-on arrives with new AI-powered meeting features

Microsoft revealed its plans to launch Microsoft Teams Premium as an add-on during its Ignite 2022 conference. Now the company has announced that the new offering is available in public preview for commercial customers.

Microsoft Teams Premium is a new version for organizations that need some extra features to make meetings more personal, intelligent and secure. First, IT administrators can now brand the meeting experience with custom templates, themes, meeting backgrounds and scenes in together mode.

In addition, Microsoft Teams Premium includes AI-powered features such as intelligent meeting summaries, live translations, meeting guides and live translations for captions. The new offering also supports AI-generated tasks and insights to help users quickly catch up on missed meetings.

Microsoft also mentioned that Teams Premium supports advanced webinar capabilities. These include a custom logo, manual approvals, waiting list for registration, registration date and time limit, presenter bio and a virtual green room. In B2C environments, Teams Premium helps customers manage advanced virtual appointments with SMS notifications, branded lobbies, scheduled and on-demand appointment queues and analytics.

Finally, Microsoft’s new Premium offering enhances the security of Teams meetings with end-to-end encryption. It also allows users to add watermarks to protect sensitive information shared during meetings. In addition, it is possible to use sensitivity labels to prevent participants from copying / pasting the meeting chat and recording meetings.


Microsoft Teams Premium licenses

To get started, go to the Microsoft 365 management center and navigate to the Purchasing Services section. Now search for Teams Premium under Collaboration and Communication. Once enrolled, IT administrators receive 25 free 30-day trial licenses that can be assigned to end users in their organization.

Microsoft notes that some Teams Premium features (intelligent summarization and custom branding for meetings, will be rolled out staggered until January next year. The company expects to make the new offering generally available in February 2023, and it will cost $10 per user per month.

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