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June 21, 2023

Microsoft Teams on Windows 11: Major Improvements and New Features

Crucial improvements are in the works for the free version of Microsoft Teams on Windows 11. These innovations will make video conferencing software – often perceived as unpleasant – more user-friendly and enjoyable.

Support for Microsoft’s “community” feature will be added to the built-in Teams app. This is a professional alternative to Discord. In addition, Microsoft Designer, a handy generative AI art tool, will be integrated into Teams. This allows users to easily create images for different purposes.

Communities in Teams: Taking Collaboration to a Higher Level

Microsoft Teams “communities” were launched in December. These communities offer families, friends and businesses a platform to schedule meetings, share calendars and chat, similar to Slack or Discord. Until now, this feature was limited to mobile, but with the current expansion, Windows 11 users can also participate.

The Importance of Teamwork

“Community owners on Windows 11 can create communities from scratch, share and invite members, organize events, moderate content with key trust and security features, and stay up to date on all relevant activities,” Amit Fulay, vice president of Microsoft Teams, explained in a blog post. He also reveals that Microsoft plans to extend this functionality to Windows 10, macOS and the web version of Teams.

Creativity in Teams through Microsoft Designer

A preview version of Microsoft Designer will soon be available in Teams for Windows 11. This tool will help users design community banners, profile photos and event images. It is the same service already integrated into Microsoft Edge, using Dall-E and Adobe Express features for simple AI image generation.

In addition to these exciting updates, communities in Teams are also getting improvements on mobile and in overall usability. This allows you to record videos with your phone and apply filters to videos and photos within the app.

Teams: From Monotone to Vibrant

It is encouraging to see that Microsoft Teams is getting a significant update, making the platform more attractive for everyday use.

While Discord can be overwhelming for new users, the gradual introduction of similar features in Teams makes the platform less intimidating. These updates make Teams a more fun and accessible platform for online collaboration. We are excited about these updates and can’t wait to create plenty of memes with the Designer tool!

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