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September 13, 2023

Microsoft Teams’ AI library: Productivity boost next month

Microsoft is getting ready to launch its Teams’ AI library next month to enable developers to build AI-driven tools and improve employee productivity.

The Teams-AI library: improving efficiency and productivity

The library, which includes a range of code functions, helps integrate large language models (LLMs) into Teams. This allows developers to create sophisticated conversation apps for Teams to improve colleague efficiency.

The official route map notice states:

“The Teams AI library provides developers with a suite of code features that simplify the integration of large language models. It facilitates the creation process of bots, message extensions and interactions with Adaptive Cards.
In addition to these features, the Teams AI library will also offer features for producing bots, message extensions and adaptive maps – all to support LLM integration.”

Copilot: the promising disruptor

Microsoft’s leading AI solution, Copilot, will be integrated throughout the Microsoft 365 suite, including Word, Excel, Power, Outlook and Teams. From intelligent Teams meeting recaps to preparing Outlook emails with various tones, the growing range of productivity-enhancing features makes Copilot an increasingly attractive product that can disrupt the operations of many businesses.

What about Microsoft’s other AI projects?

Bing Chat Enterprise is perhaps the best known of Microsoft’s other AI services. Bing Chat’s generative AI features were previously only available in Edge for consumers.
Last month, Bing Chat Enterprise became available in preview for various Microsoft 365 licenses.
Later in August, Microsoft launched support for Bing Chat Enterprise in the Windows Copilot Preview.


The arrival of Microsoft’s Teams’ AI library promises to be a game-changer for developers, and possibly for overall productivity within companies. At the same time, the other AI projects, such as Copilot and Bing Chat Enterprise, are important initiatives that help shape Microsoft’s future as a leader in AI.

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