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June 21, 2023

Microsoft Entra ID Governance: management and compliance solution

Microsoft announced this morning the general availability of Microsoft Entra ID Governance service. This new, cost-effective solution is designed to help organizations improve employee productivity and meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Features and benefits of Microsoft Entra ID Governance

“ID Governance extends the market-leading identity and access management platform in Azure Active Directory. It is easy to implement and includes capabilities for meeting compliance requirements with ML-powered access control recommendations, a no-code/low-code approach for extensibility, workflows for automating identity management tasks and access provisioning for SaaS and on-premises applications,” Microsoft explained.

Management and security with Microsoft Entra ID Governance

With Microsoft Entra ID Governance, customers can manage the identity/access cycle and secure privileged access for apps and services in on-premises cloud environments. They can use Microsoft Entra access controls to manage group membership and application access.

microsoft entra admin center

Automation and control through Microsoft Entra Entitlement Management

The Microsoft Entra Entitlement Management feature enables IT professionals to automate access assignments, controls, access request workflows and attrition. They can use a time- and approval-based role activation mechanism to block excessive access to sensitive resources.

Conclusion: Improve compliance and productivity with Microsoft Entra ID Governance

The general availability of Microsoft Entra ID Governance service provides organizations with an efficient identity management and regulatory compliance solution. With the easy-to-implement service, companies can meet compliance requirements and increase employee productivity through automation and advanced security features.

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