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August 25, 2022

Leave a Teams meeting on all your devices with one quick click

Leave a Microsoft Teams conversation on all devices at once

A new update allows users to make a real impact when leaving a Microsoft Teams conversation, the company has revealed.

A new item on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap is called a feature that allows users to leave a video conference meeting from all their devices with one tap.

The company says the move will benefit users who may have participated in a meeting using multiple personal devices, such as when traveling or working from a shared office or public location.

Exit Microsoft Teams call

In the past, Microsoft says that users participating in a conversation from multiple personal devices may have seen a number of problems when leaving a meeting, including the particularly embarrassing problem of forgetting to leave the meeting on one of their many devices.

The update is still listed as being “in development,” but has an expected general availability date of August 2022, meaning users may not have to wait too long.

When released, the feature will be available to Microsoft Teams users on desktop, web, iOS, Mac and Android.

The feature is the latest in a series of updates from the company as it seeks to fix potential problems with Microsoft Teams for users around the world.

Recently, the company announced a new update that makes it easier for users toturn their webcam on or off during a call. Instead of fumbling with your mouse or keyboard to open the meeting stage and then pressing the video icon, a simple click of a button now gives users full control.

The latest update may also be incredibly useful, as Microsoft Teams is also working to upgrade its “Interactive Large Gallery,” meaning your calls will soon be able to view up to 49 video participants at once.

The update also means that users can communicate with others through actions such as pin and spotlight, and observe their meeting activity, such as hand raising and responses.

Source: tech radar

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