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June 21, 2023

Microsoft Teams launches ‘Collaborative Notes’ for enhanced meetings

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Teams’ new “Collaborative Notes” feature is now available to everyone on the public preview channel. The company says Collaborative Notes in Teams is designed to enhance the meeting experience on the video calling platform by simplifying the process of creating agendas and action items.

What are Collaborative Notes in Microsoft Teams?

Collaborative Notes, according to Microsoft, are “Loop Components” that remain synchronized across all shared apps such as Outlook, Teams chat, the Loop app, Word for the Web and Whiteboard. This helps users stay on top of changes no matter which app they prefer. Users can share Collaborative Notes in a Teams chat or email to create an agenda for a meeting together, allowing everyone to add their topics for discussion with the group.

How Collaborative Notes improve the meeting process

All meeting participants can add last-minute agenda items, edit meeting notes together, and create and assign tasks during the meeting. They can also see who is working on the Collaborative Notes at the top and can see who wrote which section by clicking on the text. After the meeting, project leaders and participants can continue to share these notes to maintain project progress and increase efficiency.

Further integration of Collaborative Notes

Microsoft also revealed that it will introduce Loop component integration with OneNote this fall, allowing users to incorporate their collaborative meeting notes into their OneNote notebooks. Teams can continue to update notes, check off tasks as they work and add new follow-up actions from any location. Captured tasks are synchronized with ToDo and Planner, so everyone is automatically reminded to follow up.

Availability of the Collaborative Notes feature

In terms of availability, this feature is available to users of Windows, macOS, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. With Collaborative Notes in Microsoft Teams, users can benefit from an enhanced meeting experience by easily creating calendars and action items and collaborating on notes and tasks for greater efficiency and accountability.

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