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September 04, 2021

Microsoft Teams Form Polls Gets New Word Cloud Feature

Microsoft has announced a new type of poll to keep the audience and meeting participants more engaged.

The survey in Word Cloud form has been added to the multiple choice poll and quiz poll.

When users have collected answers to an open text poll in a Teams meeting, word cloud data insight is available to help them get a quick overview of the most important text phrases people have answered.

New Word Cloud Feature Microsoft Teams For Polls

Participants can view the word cloud view on the answer page. There are two ways for participants to interact with the word cloud survey:

  • Directly type a word to be added to the word cloud
  • Ability to “thumb” a specific word in the word cloud view.

As with the current multiple-choice survey settings, responses are anonymous so other users won’t know who sent which word to the word cloud.

Word Cloud is an excellent way to represent the opinions/feelings of the audience in the crowd. It allows presenters to compose open-ended questions to gather the opinion of the attendees. Microsoft claims it can significantly improve your meeting engagement and get everyone involved in the meeting.

Word Clouds is expected to roll out in late September and be fully completed by early October.

Source: mspoweruser

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