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June 05, 2022

Microsoft Teams: Chat for guests is muted and “raising your hand” is improved

Microsoft’s communication software ‘Teams’ has become an integral part of daily office life and is used by many on a daily basis. Consequently, the interest in new features is correspondingly high. And these will be replenished in the near future.

The importance of teams to the Redmond company is evidenced by the fact that new features are regularly added to the service. More new features will be added soon, as seen in the entries in the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Guests can be banned from the chat

The first certainly useful innovation concerns guest participation in meetings. Of course, these do not have the same rights as regular participants and this can also be managed by administrators. And those responsible for this now have another tool. In the future, administrators may revoke the right to write and see chat messages from anonymous and unverified users in Teams. Specifically, you can still participate in a meeting, but in an even more passive role.

There are certainly several reasons for this: For one, the data of active participants must be shielded; in chats, confidential information is often shared that a “spectator” should not or cannot see. On the other hand, this is probably also meant as a kind of troll protection, anonymous participants should not cause nuisance and disturbance where possible.

Raise your hand at the push of a button

The second new feature concerns the already available “raise hand” feature. This is already a signal that you want to say something and this is now even easier. Because with hardware that has dedicated team buttons, you can activate “raise your hand” by holding down the corresponding button – that’s a small, but certainly nice improvement in comfort.

Source: researchsnipers

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