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July 10, 2022

Microsoft Teams can help you learn new languages without any effort

Intelligent translation coming to Microsoft Teams Mobile

Getting confused by a Microsoft Teams message in a foreign language may soon no longer be a problem thanks to a new update coming to the service.

The video conferencing platform is working to introduce so-called “intelligent translation” for Microsoft Teams Mobile users.

Coming soon to Android and iOS users, the feature means users can quickly translate messages into a foreign language, so there are never any delays or errors.

Microsoft Teams Mobile translation

In the Microsoft 365 roadmap entry for the new feature, the company notes that the tool will now prompt you to translate messages that are not in your language.”

There is no mention of the exact languages covered by the new feature, but it is likely that a full range will be offered. Microsoft notes that the feature should launch in August 2022, which means it’s just a few weeks away for Android and Ios users alike.

The news is the latest step forward for Microsoft Teams and its translation tools as it seeks to help users around the world connect. The company first announced plans to introduce real-time “Inline” translation for mobile Teams users in May 2021 to boost communication around the world.

In March 2022, the company adopted Z-Code, a new AI technology that significantly improves the quality of production translation models. Z-Code supports the creation of AI systems that are able to speak, see, hear and understand, and has already been incorporated into the company’s Microsoft Translator software and several other Azure AI services.

Microsoft Teams was able to introduce another form of real-time translation functionality to desktop video meetings earlier this year with a new addition that provides access to a large network of professional interpreters who call in to meetings on demand.

Once a session has begun, Microsoft Teams users can switch between the original audio feed and the interpreter’s translation via a drop-down menu.

Source: tech radar

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