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April 21, 2022

Microsoft Teams app on its way to the Microsoft Store in May 2022

The Microsoft Store continues its mission to become the one-stop shop for all sorts of things.

What you need to know

  • The Microsoft Teams app is coming to the Microsoft Store.
  • It is scheduled for general availability in May 2022, but that date is subject to change.
  • The app supports different aspects of Teams, depending on whether you are using Windows 11 or 10.

The day is almost here when the Microsoft Store will have Microsoft Teams on its digital shelves. As seen on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, it may only be a matter of weeks before Teams is officially on sale.

According to the roadmap, where all good Microsoft product and service updates can be found, general availability for the introduction of Teams in the MS Store is scheduled for May 2022. Keep in mind that roadmap dates are estimates, not guarantees, so until you see the app firsthand in the shop window, nothing is set in stone.

Here’s the description Microsoft has for the change: “Microsoft Teams app for work, school and life will soon be available for download from Microsoft Store. This app supports work, school and consumer accounts on Windows 10 and Work or school accounts on Windows 11.

Windows 10 will get support for all three facets of Teams through this app and Windows 11 will get support for two, as personal integration of Teams is already a core part of the newer operating system’s experience.

With Teams, the Microsoft Store will grow much stronger. It has already assimilated other storefronts and major browsers, so the logical conclusion was that Microsoft would also bring its own communications platform under the umbrella.

Source: windows central

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