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July 15, 2022

Microsoft Teams adds everyone’s least favorite part of a meeting

Q&A is coming to Microsoft Teams.

Your Microsoft Teams conversations could soon become a lot more interactive, whether you like it or not, thanks to a new addition to the service.

The company has revealed that it is working on adding question and answer capabilities (also known as a Q & A) to Teams webinars and meetings for its video conferencing platform.

The addition would bring a whole new level of interactivity and collaboration to Microsoft Teams calls, whether it’s a company-wide meeting, a college lecture or just joking around with a few friends.

A little Q&A

The feature is still in development, according to its entry in the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, which lists an expected general availability date of July 2022, meaning we may not have to wait too long.

“Through Q&A. Meeting organizers can create a moderated or non-moderated Q&A experience,” the submission notes. It adds that Q & A will be available in Microsoft Teams meetings and webinars, but must be enabled by the meeting organizer.

When launched, the feature will be available to all Microsoft Teams users worldwide, across web, desktop, mobile, Android and iOS.

The news is the latest in a long line of features and upgrades added to Microsoft Teams to make the platform smarter and more interactive for users around the world.

This includes the addition of several generations of avatars to represent you during a conversation using the Microsoft Teams Together mode, which displays a live avatar for each participant.

The company has also outlined plans to soon introduce 3D avatars alongside more immersive Microsoft Teams meetings within the so-called “metaverse” later in 2022.

The company also recently revealed that it would be adding some basic games to Microsoft Teams to help users pass the time while waiting for a call to start.

Several titles from the company’s Casual Games platform will be part of the move, aimed at helping kill a few minutes, for example, when waiting for someone to join the conversation with a quick game of Connect 4.

Source: tech radar

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