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July 20, 2023

Microsoft shut down Bookings App for Android and iOS on July 15

The end of the Microsoft Bookings mobile app

Microsoft discontinued one of its mobile apps, developed for both iOS and Android platforms. After July 15, 2023, Microsoft Bookings mobile apps no longer worked.

Announcement via Microsoft 365 management center broke the news via a note in the Microsoft 365 management center. The article indicated that Apple’s iOS app store and the Google Play Store removed the Bookings app as early as February 2023. The note clarified that the apps did not work for existing users after July 15.

The history and function of Bookings

Microsoft announced the Bookings service in July 2016. In 2017, it became available to all Office (now Microsoft) 365 Business Premium users. Bookings allowed business owners to automate appointment scheduling. Users could fill out a Web form to choose a specific day, time or employee.

The reason behind the abolition

Microsoft gave no specific reason for discontinuing the Bookings mobile apps. The most likely cause was low usage, so the company decided to discontinue them. Mobile customers could still use the Web-based Bookings service through their browsers.

Future plans for Microsoft apps

Microsoft was also considering replacing the current Windows Mail and Calendar apps with the new Outlook app for Microsoft 365 services. However, after feedback from Microsoft 365 users, the company reconsidered this change in timing and implementation.

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