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November 26, 2021

Microsoft releases improvements for Microsoft Teams guest users

Before Thanksgiving, Microsoft announced that they are making improvements to the guest user experience in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft makes the following changes:

  • A guest user can now decline a pending guest invitation in the Teams app
    • When the guest user clicks Deny, the Teams tenant list is not displayed with the pending invitation and in the Account Management tab
  • A guest user can now start leaving an organization (bring the user to the portal where the user can now leave a guest tenant)
    • When the guest user clicks Leave organization, the user is guided through the exit of a tenant from Teams and the Azure portal
  • A guest user can now manage the guest tenant list by choosing to hide/show guest tenants
    • When the guest user clicks Hide/Show, the tenant is shown (or hidden) in the menu below the tenant list.

The changes will not affect guest user consent and/or access to resources.

Microsoft expects to begin rolling out the enhancements to the Desktop and Web app in early December and expects the rollout to be complete by the end of December.

Source: mspoweruser

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