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March 26, 2023

Microsoft Power Apps introduces AI Copilot for App-Maker and end users

Microsoft Power Apps is revolutionizing app development by integrating AI Copilot, which allows app makers and end users to build apps, including the data behind them, simply by describing their requirements through a multi-step conversation. This innovative approach enables users to discover insights, rather than relying on traditional mouse clicks.

To learn how to use these new AI features in Power Apps, users can refer to the following resources:

It is important to note that these opportunities are currently in gated preview and interested parties must apply for consideration to participate in the trial through the Limited preview request.

The AI Assistant is available from the Power Apps home screen. Source: Microsoft

Preview features are not intended for production use and may have limited functionality. Customers will have early access to these features to provide feedback before the official release. More information can be found in the preview conditions.

The AI features in MS Power Apps are powered by Azure OpenAI Service and are currently being rolled out. The availability of these features may vary by region and may be subject to usage limits or capacity restrictions.

Power Apps AI Builder

To access the waiting list for this preview, users must meet certain requirements, including setting their environment in the United States region, an en-us browser language, a Microsoft Dataverse database and a priority license. AI Builder must be enabled for the user’s environment to use AI models or controls that use AI models.

Source: devstyler

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