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January 28, 2022

Microsoft brings Android apps to Windows 11

After several months of silence, Microsoft is finally ready to bring Android apps to Windows 11.

Microsoft’s announcement that Android apps will be available on Windows 11 was a cause for excitement during the unveiling. However, the company did not include the feature when it released Windows 11 to the public.

Thankfully, the company has not forgotten its promise and has now stated that people will be able to check out this new feature in February 2022.

Windows 11’s Android apps coming soon

In a post titled ” A New Era of the PC,” the company looks back at recent shifts in the technology world and how they reflected on Microsoft as a whole.

However, in the last section of the article, Microsoft drops some hints about exciting things moving towards Windows 11. One is the public preview of Android apps running on Windows 11, which was a huge selling point of the operating system when it was first announced.

Since then, users have found their own ways to run Android apps on Windows 11. For example, it is entirely possible to sideload and run Android apps on Windows 11. You can also skip the operating system dependency of the Amazon Appstore and install the Google Play Store on Windows 11.

However, after months of waiting, Microsoft has confirmed that in February 2022, the public will finally be able to try running Android apps on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store. And that’s not all, as the post goes on to say:

“… taskbar improvements with muting and muting calls, easier window sharing and bringing it back to the taskbar, plus the introduction of two new redesigned apps, Notepad and Media Player.”

Microsoft delivers on its Android promise

Microsoft’s blog post is excellent news for those looking forward to running Android apps natively on Windows 11. As the line between smartphone and PC begins to blur, it has become more important than ever to have a fully functioning Android emulator built into Windows 11.

The initial announcement gave rise to hopes that users would not have to rely on third-party emulators like BlueStacks. And while these emulators are very good at what they do, the promise of a native emulator built into the operating system made it look easy to install games, messaging apps, social media apps, and productivity apps on your PC.

And the best part is that the Android emulator is just the tip of the iceberg for this update. With a better taskbar, easier window sharing, and a fresh coat of paint for two outdated Windows apps, chances are this update will please many Windows 11 users.

Windows 11 has never looked so good

Since the initial announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft has stated that Android apps will eventually arrive. And now it looks like it’s finally happening. Whether it will actually live up to our expectations remains to be seen, but on the face of it, this update appears to be a big game-changer for Windows 11.

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