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July 04, 2023

Maximize efficiency with Teams Rooms features

Microsoft Teams Rooms are convenient rooms that provide a complete meeting experience by enabling HD video, audio and content sharing. Teams Rooms run software built on the Teams platform.
It also offers other solutions to meet the challenges of remote collaboration at a time when the hybrid work landscape is rapidly changing. Here are the four newest features of Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Cloud IntelliFrame

The Cloud IntelliFrame feature in Teams Rooms divides the room’s single video feed into a composite view of focused and framed video tiles showing the participants in the room. This allows participants to better see the faces of others in the meeting.

Source: Microsoft

Front Row

To bring the focus in the room to the remote participants, Teams has a Front Row feature that replaces each individual’s background with a shared background. “It will then apply a uniform size to each video feed so that remote participants will appear life-sized to those in the room, regardless of how far or close they may be to their cameras,” according to Microsoft.

Spatial audio

Audio is an important part of a meeting and the spatial audio feature is designed to reduce any problems with this aspect. The feature helps participants in the room follow the speaker in the video gallery more naturally with audio cues. When someone speaks on the left side of the video gallery, their voice comes from that direction – just as if they were physically in the room. According to Microsoft, this feature is also coming to online meetings to make the “remote meeting experience more authentic and inclusive for everyone.

Collaborative notes

Collaborative notes aim to make online meetings more effective. The feature allows meeting participants to collaborate and co-create in real-time on the meeting agenda, notes and follow-up tasks. “Collaborative notes are a Loop component and always stay synced no matter how many places they live in and can be easily copied and shared in chats, group chats, emails, and other documents,” the company said.

Teams Room at ALTA-ICT

At ALTA-ICT, we can help you get the most out of Microsoft Teams Rooms features. Whether it’s setting up your virtual meeting room, guiding your team in its use, or resolving any issues – our expert team is here to support you every step of the way. Contact us or visit our Teams Rooms page for more information: We look forward to helping your company maximize the efficiency of virtual meetings!

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