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December 18, 2021

Meet Microsoft Teams Phone System

Microsoft Teams has seen a huge increase in use as a collaboration platform as more companies started working remotely. With this in mind, we bring you a brand new product that will increase productivity, streamline your processes and reduce costs for your business.

What is the Teams Phone System?

Teams Phone System is a brand new service that allows you to make internal, external and international calls via Microsoft Teams. Not only this, but Teams Phone System offers enhanced features that enable your business to operate more effectively and efficiently. These include:

  • Make and receive internal, external and international calls.
  • Add contacts so you can make a voice call, video call, email or message with just one click.
  • Connect your Teams to Outlook so you can have your phone, calendar, and email systems in one place.
  • Collaborate with people inside and outside your company.
  • Share and store files in one place.
  • Integrate your phone system with multiple Microsoft apps.
  • Fraud management systems and advanced call options help protect your business.
  • No Call Forwarding Charges – Port your numbers and keep the same geographic number wherever you are.
  • Easy online access to call statistics, productivity, call patterns and call behavior.
  • More cost-effective than using Microsoft calling plans, bundles, and rates directly.
  • A complete cloud solution without expensive upfront costs, as no traditional hardware is required.
  • Tailored business continuity with network and number-level resiliency to keep your business running.
  • Enables flexible and remote working and enables a collaborative approach.
  • We work with the UK’s #1 SIP trunk provider, meaning you get the best service out there.
  • Your customers and colleagues can call you directly in Teams from their landlines and mobiles and vice versa.
  • Teams Phone System helps your business communications stay strong and connected during this strange and new way of working.

This means that not only can you continue to use Microsoft Teams to stay connected with your employees and improve productivity while working remotely, but you can also significantly reduce telephony costs and improve your network with Teams Phone System.

What do you need to enable Teams Phone System?

  • It’s simple! All you need is Microsoft 365 or Office 365 licenses, including Microsoft Teams
  • A Microsoft Phone System Add on (we can help you there)
  • An internet connection

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Teams phone system work?

Teams Phone System is the process of routing Microsoft Teams to the PSTN (traditional telephone network). While Teams is primarily used as an internal communication tool, Microsoft has developed a way to use the platform as a full-fledged business telephone system (PBX). This means you can have your internal and external communications in one place!

Who is Teams Phone System for?

Teams Phone System is primarily designed for organizations that want to use Teams as a PBX, but are looking for more flexibility than Microsoft’s preset calling plans. It suits any business, give us a call to find out how it can really benefit you.

How much is it?

You already have Microsoft Teams under your Microsoft Office license, so the only small monthly cost is for adding the Teams Phone System.

What are the advantages?

In addition to the features described above, there are some great benefits you don’t want to miss: • Unify all your internal and external communications.

• Transfer your numbers so they don’t have to change.
• Choose your provider • PBX & calling options
• Cost and time savings – who doesn’t want this?!

What about Skype for Business?

Skype for Business will launch in 2021 and Microsoft Teams is here to take its place. In addition to Skype features like instant messaging, screen sharing, and web conferencing, Teams adds centralized chat/collaboration, persistent chat, and much more.

Why Teams Phone System is ideal for remote working

Currently, millions of companies and employees are working from home because of COVID-19. It’s important for employees to be connected to their company infrastructure and workforce, to keep morale and productivity high, and for the business to function normally. Your remote working strategy should include communication and collaboration tools and systems, and Teams Phone System is the answer.

With Teams Phone System, Teams makes working from home easier and allows you and your colleagues to communicate and collaborate seamlessly, no matter where they are.

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