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June 09, 2022

Instant access to other Microsoft 365 apps in Outlook

The new experience for accessing Mail, Calendar, People, and other Outlook apps, an example of which is viewed behind the Soon-to-be Available option, will become the default experience. This post is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88848.

The most important modules in Outlook, such as email, calendar, tasks and people, are moved to the left side of the folder window. We are also adding a way for users to quickly access tasks, organization explorer, Yammer communities and bookings directly in Outlook. You can customize by pinning preferred apps for Outlook and Microsoft 365.

When will this happen?

Microsoft will begin the rollout in mid-July and complete the rollout in late September.

What implications does this have for your organization?

Microsoft has changed the way you access email, calendar, tasks and other main functions in Outlook. This change was behind the Soon Available switch in the upper right corner of Outlook for Windows. This update will become the standard experience in the coming weeks. You can customize this area with icons for apps, such as Tasks, Yammer Communities and Bookings, and open them directly from the main Outlook window.

Source: pupuweb

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