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September 09, 2022

Here’s what’s on the way to Microsoft Whiteboard in 2022

Microsoft Whiteboard has a long list of features in the works, all of which are currently ready to roll out before the end of this year.

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has several features in the works for Whiteboard, many of which add new options for embedding content.
  • Microsoft Whiteboard will soon support embedding online videos via links, sharing clickable links and adding comments.
  • All new features appear on the Microsoft 365 roadmap and are currently scheduled to ship before the end of 2022, although that is subject to change.

Microsoft Whiteboard creates a shareable infinite canvas that can be shared between colleagues and peers. Microsoft has improved and revamped the app over time and has several changes on the way for 2022. The new features appear on the Microsoft 365 roadmap and were first spotted by Neowin.

Most upcoming features will sound familiar to those who regularly use Microsoft 365, such as the ability to add comments and assign content to specific users. Microsoft Whiteboard also gains the ability to track a person’s point of view as they move through the digital canvas.

The ability to embed videos by entering a URL is also on the way, which should make it much easier to share content. Clickable link support will also be added in the near future.

Here are the summaries of each of the Microsoft 365 roadmap items currently scheduled for release in 2022:

  • Users can insert a video URL and have the video displayed directly on the canvas.
  • URLs inserted into Whiteboard become clickable links.
  • Participants in Teams and on the web can see who has added content to the board.
  • The ability to add comments to a whiteboard to aid in discussions with board participants. This includes a comments window to view all the comments on a particular whiteboard.
  • Users have the ability to invite users to a whiteboard during a Teams meeting to track their point of view as they navigate and interact with the canvas.
  • Users have the ability to save whiteboards as a template and can share that template with other individual users.
  • Add a timer to Whiteboard to allow users to perform timed activities, such as a timed brainstorm.

The new features have current release targets ranging from September 2022 to December 2022, but these are all soft targets. The Microsoft 365 roadmap offers a rough outline for what’s on the way, no set release dates.

Source: windows central

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