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September 16, 2022

Creating tasks from a Microsoft Teams chat entry

You can
Creating a task based on a Microsoft Teams chat entry
, which is perfect when you have something you need to follow up on. That’s how it works…

Here’s a chat with Alta, and I want to make a task of a received message. When I place the mouse pointer over that chat item, I click on the
obstacle sign
and select
More actions > Create task

Creating a task in Teams
Creating a task in Teams

That brings up the task window where I can select the task category, priority and due date. It also includes the person, date and time of the submission, as well as a link back to the chat entry in Teams. Once I have entered the due date, I click on
Add Task

Add task in Teams

The task will now be created automatically. I can find it in Teams using the
app Tasks by Planner and To Do
, and it is displayed in the
Tasks category

Tasks for Planner and To Do

If I use the
Microsoft To Do app
use, it is displayed there in the
Tasks category

Tasks in To Do app

Please note that this only works for entries in Microsoft Teams chats. Currently, it does not work for channel call entries in Teams.

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