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April 18, 2022

Choosing between Microsoft 365 versus G Suite? We can help you!

The great platform debate

Microsoft 365 versus G Suite can also elicit strong reactions and opinions.

They are both useful platforms, but they have distinct strengths and differences.

Which is better?

It depends on you and your organization!

Companies choose their platform for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes it comes down to familiarity. Maybe you are a young entrepreneur and have always used G Suite. Perhaps your employees prefer Excel to Google Spreadsheets, so your company uses 365. Perhaps you use Macs and find G Suite simpler.

Now there are some people who have absolutely decided not to change platforms. Sometimes people have problems with Microsoft or Google – and don’t want to support the other on principle. Maybe they built their business on a platform and the disruption of changing just isn’t worth it.

If this sounds like you , we are not going to try to convince you to change. If your platform works for you, that’s great.

ALTA-ICT can meet the IT needs of customers on both sides of the Microsoft 365 versus G Suite debate.

That said , G Suite Legacy will transition to paid on May 1, 2022. People who have been using the older version will have to make a change anyway , so if you have been considering Microsoft 365, this might be an ideal time to take the plunge.

What is the difference between Microsoft 365 versus G Suite?

G Suite and Microsoft 365 both offer a similar service: a set of apps that allow users to create, manage and store data and share that information with other users.

But each platform has features that can help or hinder – depending on your business.

G Suite

Google has specialized in cloud technology from an early age. With G Suite, all programs can be used online through a web browser, without users having to download the software. This can work well for creatively focused companies with multiple independent contractors, as the ease of sharing information makes it ideal for collaboration. Business owners don’t have the cost of paying for their contractors’ accounts – and individuals can easily share from their Google Drive when data leaks and intellectual property (IP) issues are not a major concern.

Microsoft 365

From a compliance perspective, the Microsoft platform offers better tools to protect sensitive data, even at the file level. Companies dealing with CMMC compliance, HIPAA and PII (personally identifiable information) must have these controls in place.

And defense contractors handling level 3 CMMC data must use almost specific Microsoft programs to meet security requirements!

For companies like this, Microsoft 365 is much better suited for centralizing data, enforcing group policies and tightening control over IP – and G Suite is not recommended.

Microsoft was late to the “cloud game” – but it has worked hard to catch up with google to provide web browser access to remote working apps.

The Microsoft 365 vs. G Suite call

Hopefully you can see that there are valid reasons for companies to choose their platform – be it Google or Microsoft.

But what if you’re not sure you’re using the optimal platform for your business? Here are some questions to ask that may make the choice easier:

Does your business need to change platforms? 4 Questions to ask:

  1. Does your business revolve more around individual creative contributions, or do you need to centralize data and manage access?
  2. Does your company process information that falls under HIPPA, PCI or CMMC compliance? Or can you share data without leakage or IP concerns?
  3. Is your business scaling up? Does your platform provide you with flexibility to prepare for future growth?
  4. Are the benefits of the new platform worth the disruption to your business?

Whether you are a G Suite team or a Microsoft 365 team, ALTA-ICT can provide your business with the IT support it needs. We want to help set up your business for success, with optimal tools for your situation – no matter which platform you choose!

If you’re considering the move from G Suite to Microsoft 365 or just want to know how your business can get the most out of your platform, contact ALTA-ICT for a free consultation.

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