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November 24, 2021

Automatic music detection coming soon to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a music mode that supports mono audio up to 32 kHz with a sampling rate of 128 kbps, and it will also optimize the internal audio processing settings for reproducing music with hi-fi.

Teams also has ML-based noise suppression that treats any non-speech signal as noise. To prevent music from being suppressed, Microsoft has built an ML-based music detector . Whenever music is heard through the microphone, Teams will automatically notify users to enable hi-fi music mode to transmit music without loss of quality.

This gives the end user the choice of whether music is indeed an unwanted background noise, such as when dialing into a meeting from a cafe, or whether music is a desired signal, such as when participating in a music lesson.

This automatic music detection feature is coming to Teams in January 2022. For more information, view the Microsoft 365 roadmap here .

Source: mspoweruser

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