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September 02, 2023

Microsoft’s Bold Breakthrough in the World of Mobile Operating Systems

Once a desktop-focused company, Microsoft continues its increasingly aggressive move into the mobile operating system arena unabated. In a recent update to the Android interface, the tech powerhouse has added more options to the thumbnail menu that appears when users select or hold texts.

This has significantly improved and diversified the functionality of the menu while presenting new challenges.

New Additions as Part of a Greater Strategy

The new additions are part of an effort to extend the reach of three well-known Microsoft apps – Bing Chat, Edge and Microsoft 365 – to Android platforms. When Android users with these apps installed select texts in applications such as Gmail, they are presented with up to three additional options – Search in Edge, Bing Search, and the recently introduced Microsoft 365 Note.

As many users will recall, the Search in Edge and Bing Search options have been around for more than a year. However, this update marks the premiere of the Microsoft 365 Note. This innovative feature opens the Notes section of the Microsoft 365 app, including the selected text.

Tried switching from Microsoft

But, Microsoft’s move is not without its drawbacks. In particular, the introduction of new buttons reportedly hid other vital functions such as Copy and Select in the menu. This is especially prevalent on Samsung phone models, contributing to the frustration of some users, according to Windows Latest.

Still, users are offered a promising workaround. If they navigate to the extended menu and click the “copy” option instead of choosing the Microsoft 365 Note, the Android menu can automatically adjust to this usage pattern, bringing up the “copy” button.

Setting Microsoft Signals Grand Plans

In essence, Microsoft’s move may be a clear attempt to increase the use of its applications on Android platforms, subtly altering user behavior and strengthening its position in the mobile OS market. Only time will tell how this fresh maneuver will play out.

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