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April 10, 2022

Additional Microsoft Teams features are coming to the web client

Microsoft is preparing an update to its online collaboration platform Teams that will help close the gap between the desktop app and the web client.

As explained in a rather cryptic roadmap entry , the “modern meeting experience” will soon be made available to those who access Microsoft Teams through their web browser.

“This update to the ‘modern meeting experience’ brings features currently available on desktop to the web. This includes the modern views of the meeting stage, such as dynamic view, large gallery and together mode, as well as the ability to switch between those selections. are there any updates to the pre-join experience and the control bar”.

Microsoft Teams for the web

Microsoft began testing the “modern meeting experience” on the web in February, but is now gearing up for a full rollout in June, after which users of the Teams web app will have access to the same breadth of functionality as everyone else.

More specifically, web users will benefit from features such as the large gallery view, which allows as many as 49 people to appear on the screen at once, and the Together mode, which puts all participants in a common virtual background .

The update also gives web client users new presentation options in the form of Dynamic View, a feature that allows elements of the meeting screen to be moved and adjusted depending on the content being shared.

Finally, the Teams web app provides users with new options on the landing page before the meeting, making it easier to select audio and video sources before dialing into a session.

More broadly, the update can be seen as part of Microsoft’s effort to ensure that the meeting experience is consistent for all Teams users, regardless of what client or hardware they use to dial in. In addition to the upcoming web app update, the company has made a number of additions with this goal in mind.

In recent weeks, for example, Microsoft announced the extension of the transcription feature for customers running Teams on a virtual machine, and an update that will improve the meeting experience on Mozilla Firefox . And previously, the company revealed plans to offer key accessibility features to a wider range of attendees.

Source: tech radar

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