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January 11, 2023

9 reasons why you should use Power BI in your business

Every business has gone through a digital transition. As a result, the amount of valuable data captured and retained has increased significantly with the move from traditional to digital.

By 2025, the world is predicted to have 175 zettabytes of stored data worldwide. Companies now have the opportunity to analyze data captured to make wise business decisions. However, companies must rely on specialized tools for this assessment because of the volume of data. A Power BI is a practical business data analysis and presentation tool that allows organizations with different contexts to close the gap between information and decisions.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

According to Microsoft, “Power BI is a business intelligence solution tool that allows you to visualize your data and communicate perspectives across your business. This analytical solution includes several services and products, and valuation and adaptability come from the use of each and the ways they interact.

Users can view dashboards, statistics and Power BI applications using an Internet browser or mobile applications for Android, Windows and iOS. Power BI services is a secure cloud service managed by Microsoft that users can access.

On a Windows computer or PC, download Power BI Desktop. It is a free self-service data and reporting analysis application. It can interface with cloud data sources to turn data into interactive displays.

Power BI Desktop users can connect to, modify and model data. They can also create graphs and charts, reports and dashboards, which are collections of visualizations. Power BI users can visualize text data analysis and image identification. It can build models using machine learning and connect to Azure Machine Learning. There are numerous functionalities you can use, which you can further learn with an affordable Power BI certification.

Pro and Premium considerations

A Pro membership may be appropriate if several people in your company produce visualizations and reports but rarely exchange information. However, you must have a Premium account subscription if you plan to share the data with everyone inside and some people who are not part of the company.

The Power BI app is not compatible with Linux or Mac computer systems. Still, digital services, including Pro and Premium, are accessible and available from any Web browser you have. However, the desktop version may not be the best choice for a Mac-only work environment.

Reasons to use Power BI

#1: Easy to use

Power BI’s ease of use is one of its main advantages. As a result, companies can access key functions without special skills or knowledge. With a drag-and-drop capability, users can quickly generate dashboards and reports across numerous data sources.

#2: Make accurate data-driven business decisions.

Customers can examine and visualize information from various large data sets to get an accurate picture of the company’s current status. A comprehensive visual representation of this data allows companies to generate precise findings. This information helps companies identify what is truly profitable and what may not even be.

#3: Make sure data is always up-to-date

The dataset must remain current to make informed statistical judgments and conclusions. Companies are constantly collecting information and data, so analytics and visualization must be updated regularly. Statistics can be updated hourly or daily with Power BI. This saves time and money because the information is compressed and the desired service is delivered via the cloud.

#4: View Power BI reports anywhere and on any device.

It has become more important than ever to access and view enterprise applications from virtually any location and device. By integrating hybrid work, one can use Power BI on virtually any device with an Internet connection. It is now possible even if you are a salesperson on the road who needs a quick status report update on sales or if you are just working from home.

#5: Share dashboards with other affected departments in a snap

Power BI makes it easy to integrate dashboards with other individuals or organizations to exchange visualizations and insights. Employees can promote innovations and collaborate to establish business strategy thanks to the ability to communicate these ideas.

#6: Save time and effort by using templates.

Report formats can be easily produced and used in Power BI for organizations looking to improve their operations. This can also save time for employees, especially if different departments use identical results.

#7: Built with security in mind

Security is critical when working with significant amounts of corporate data. Power BI is secured using all double encryption to ensure that all analytical findings can be developed and distributed with confidence. Some features can be used to recognize unusual behavior patterns. Moreover, it is designed to meet data protection and standards for both national and industry levels.

#8: Make use of AI

Microsoft has made financial investments and significant efforts in machine learning and artificial intelligence over a decade. With technology improvements, Power BI allows employees to organize data and create models using machine learning to quickly and effectively extract useful information from voluminous to huge data sets.

#9: Integration with other applications and data sources

Microsoft’s Power BI connects smoothly with the company’s other services, including more than 70 additional connections and integrations. As a result, companies can integrate the study of information from different platforms to provide reliable and efficient data analysis. This can be analyzed from numerous data information sources and connections for accurate analysis.


Before using Power BI to analyze your data, you need to copy data from any source to a database system. It is easy to aggregate data from any source for a thorough understanding of your industry. For example, one can use an ETL tool to copy data to a cloud-based database, such as Microsoft’s Azure Synapse.

You can improve and streamline data integration by using a cloud-based ETL solution that automates the connection to, extraction of data from and loading of the data to your destination. You can use it to perform the necessary in-depth analysis.

Source: missmillmag

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