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May 21, 2023

5 tips for a smooth transition to MS Teams Voice Calling

Microsoft Teams has established itself as the communication platform for millions of users worldwide. For both large and small organizations, it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of the cloud-based smart functionality the platform offers.

Many companies have already taken the first step by successfully using Microsoft Teams voice functionality for internal conversations. The next phase of their digital transformation is to activate remote PSTN voice calls. This provides users with a seamless experience while reducing traditional phone costs.

However, managing phone numbers during this transition can be complex for companies and their technology partners.

Tip and Tricks Activating external PSTN voice calls

  1. Assignment and Retrieval
    To make phone number management efficient, it is recommended to have one central location for all numbers and automate the process of assignment and retrieval. This allows a newcomer to get the next free number from the central pool and automatically releases a number when someone leaves. This automated approach simplifies and streamlines management across the organization.
  2. In quarantine
    It is advisable to quarantine phone numbers of departed employees for a few months so that they are not available to new users. During this period, numbers can be strategically diverted to, for example, a main reception or department. At the end of the quarantine period, these numbers can be reassigned from the central pool of available numbers.
  3. Booking
    Organizations often have special or “gold” numbers that should be reserved for senior executives or specific departments, for example. It is important to store these numbers centrally and assign them by other means, such as authorized users or secure self-service functionality. These numbers are different from regular numbers and require separate management.
  4. Auditing and Reporting
    It is essential to regularly audit the entire organization and map which numbers are assigned to which systems, such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, meeting rooms, etc. This insight can provide valuable statistics for cost management, accounting, workforce planning and workflow redesign.
  5. Optimization and Streamlining
    Each number within an organization incurs a cost, so it is important to identify which numbers are being used optimally and which may be redundant. Some users may not need a specific number or device, and an alternative solution may be more efficient. Optimizing number usage can bring significant benefits to an organization’s overall performance.

Voice communication has evolved and users expect fast, digital turnaround. By automating number management, the process can be less labor intensive and technically complex. IT departments can delegate management to other departments within the organization, while the back-end remains supportive and secure. So the transition to remote voice calls via Microsoft Teams does not have to be a headache, but can actually be a simplified process.

In brief

Microsoft Teams offers unprecedented voice calling capabilities, and with the right approach and priorities, organizations can simplify phone number management and benefit from an optimized voice communications experience.

source: uctoday

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