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With Microsoft Teams, users can now easily share meeting invitations.


Microsoft Teams is introducing a new update that makes it easy for users to share meeting invitations with their colleagues. Twitter user Shawn Harry first saw the feature and it is now available in Teams’ Windows and macOS desktop apps and on the internet.

Prior to this update, the organizers had to create a calendar item by filling in all the details to get the Meet Now link for an ad hoc Teams meeting. Indeed, this was not a smooth workflow for people who want to quickly copy a meeting link and distribute it through Teams channels or chats.

This release has now simplified the process by introducing the ability to create direct meeting invitations in Microsoft Teams. The app has now added a new flyout panel to the Meet button on the Calendar tab, with options to start the meeting immediately or get a meeting link for future use. The organizers can also copy and share the link in advance with other participants, which they can use to participate in the session. This option is available before or during the meeting.

The new direct meeting option is a welcome addition, and it will make it easier for both teachers and meeting organizers. Please note that this update is being rolled out gradually to all Teams users and should be generally available by early April. Please let us know in the comments below if you think this feature will help increase your productivity.

Source: unmsft

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