Microsoft Teams will soon run faster on your MacBook.


Like all other video conferencing tools, Microsoft Teams is far from perfect, but it gets better every year. Despite several shortcomings, Microsoft says it remains one of our favorite services on the market and even has more than 115 million active users.

In recent months, Microsoft has promised that the upcoming Microsoft Teams update would deliver some substantial performance improvements and reduce overall resource usage. In a new forum post, Microsoft has quietly confirmed that it is also working on a performance update for the macOS client, which is based on Electron.

Details have not been shared, but this is another confirmation that Microsoft Teams will soon work better on MacBook, even if you have the low-end spec model.

As explained by users on Microsoft forums, the Teams desktop client always uses a significant amount of CPU and in some cases is almost ‘unusable’

“It looks like Zoom is easily gaining from performance and features on Mac. Probably related to the underlying basis on which each was built. Since Teams takes months and possibly years to fix bugs, that’s just about everything you can really say it to”, one user noted on the forums.

Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of the reports and is currently working on a new update that will reduce memory/CPU usage.

Microsoft is also aggressively addressing other performance areas around the Mac client, but it’s not yet clear when that update will arrive.

Other features are coming to Microsoft Teams

According to Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the company will finally allow you to respond to a specific message. You’ll soon be able to right-click a message and attach the original message to your reply so users can quickly jump back to older conversations or get more context.

In addition to these improvements, Microsoft is also introducing support for a new emoji picker that supports different skin tones, categories, and up to 800 emojis.

Apart from the new emoji picker, the Teams desktop client would be improved together mode, low bandwidth usage mode, and more.

Microsoft currently plans to roll out these new features in April.

Source: windowslatest

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