Microsoft Teams phones get a new meeting phase, simplified sign-in experience, and more.


Microsoft just announced a whole host of new capabilities for Teams phones. The March 2021 update provides an enhanced meeting experience, support for multi-cloud logins, a simplified sign-in experience for users, and many of the added features help end users and IT administrators stay connected.

First, Microsoft Teams phones now support a simplified sign-in experience, making it easier for users to get started. IT administrators and end users now see a code when a device is turned on, which can be used to quickly log in to the phone via a smartphone, PC or web browser.

user sign-in simplified

Another notable addition is a new option to pin the call control and responses during Microsoft Teams meetings. This change should make it easier for meeting hosts to mute/mute attendees, turn video feeds on/off, and switch between Together mode and Gallery. On the other hand, participants can now easily express their feelings with comments such as a clapping emoji or a heart emoji during meetings.

docked call controls and reactions

Microsoft Teams phones also add support for multi-cloud sign-in support so that different specialized cloud sign-in options can be added to the tenant. The Microsoft company also adds support for remote provisioning and sign-in capabilities. It’s one of the highly anticipated features, and it allows IT administrators to remotely deploy a device from the Microsoft Teams admin center.

Multi-cloud sign-in support

Finally, Microsoft Teams phones now have an option to forward calls to business voicemail. To do this, users must select the “work voicemail” option while forwarding phone calls to access the other person’s voicemail box. Some other small additions include the ability for users to opt out of queues and by clicking to dial phone numbers during meetings.

Source: unmsft

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