Merge Call on Teams

Microsoft Teams on the desktop now allows users to merge calls.


The desktop version of Microsoft Teams adds a new feature that allows users to merge calls. The Microsoft 365 roadmap list for the feature suggests that the rollout of this update is currently underway and should be complete by the end of this month.

Previously, the app allowed users to place and receive different PSTN calls, but there was no option to merge them. This functionality is available in Skype for Business, and users have been complaining about its absence from Microsoft Teams for a while.

Fortunately, the company has finally decided to include their feedback by introducing this capability into the app. The new call merge experience allows users to combine their “active unent held 1:1 conversation into another 1:1 call or another group conversation”. The feature is available for both VOIP and PSTN calls in Microsoft Teams.

In the Teams desktop app, the Merge Call option is enabled by default, and users can now combine calls in a number of ways. They can merge an incoming conversation with an ongoing conversation or place a new call and merge it with an existing conversation. To do this, navigate to the call buttons, select the More Options button, and then click the “Merge Call” icon. The app automatically puts the first call on hold when the user makes another call.

The conversation merge experience is useful when a person is part of a group or a 1:1 conversation and might want to invite another colleague to discuss a relevant topic. This feature is only available to desktop users for now, and it’s not clear when the company plans to send it to mobile. It supports the best browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari.

Source: unmsft

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