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Update: Presence reports from Microsoft Teams meetings with “very detailed data”.


Last September, Microsoft announced that it would introduce several improvements to team meeting attendance reports. The company began rolling out this update a few weeks ago, and implementation should be completed by the end of this month.

First, the company has introduced the ability to download the attendance report after the meeting. This means that the meeting hosts can now download it from the meeting chat once the meeting is over. The transcript, recording, and attendance report are grouped into the chat when the meeting is recorded. Otherwise, the attendance report will automatically appear in the meeting chat.

In addition, Microsoft Teams added some additional information to the report. The list of participants now includes the duration, email address, meeting start time, and meeting title. This is in addition to the name, role, time of participation and leave of the participants in the meeting. Karoliina Kettukari, a Microsoft MVP, recently shared a screenshot of the new format for attendance reports on Twitter.

This particular feature has been requested by thousands of users since the ability to download the attendance reports was introduced in May last year. The new experience aims to make it easier for managers and teachers to track participants’ participation in remote meetings. In case you missed it: Microsoft Teams recently rolled out a new live transcription feature for English-speaking users in the United States.

Source: unmsft

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