Microsoft Teams adds support for apps in remote meetings and chats


Microsoft is working on a new feature for its Teams collaboration platform that allows users to add apps to remote meetings and chats. The Microsoft 365 Roadmap states that this feature will be available to Microsoft Teams users in May.

For those who are not trusted, the remote access feature allows Teams users to collaborate with people from another organization. It allows them to search, chat, call and organize meetings with anyone outside the organization. Previously, app integrations were limited to internal meetings and chats, but the company now adds app support to external scenarios.

Once rolled out, host organization users are given the ability to install, update, and uninstall apps while communicating with third-party partners through meetings or chats in Teams. This means that external users can interact with all apps installed by host users. The ability to use apps in remote meetings and chats should help remote employees improve productivity and communication by eliminating the need to switch back and forth between windows during virtual meetings.

Source: unmsft

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