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How to get the most out of Microsoft Planner.

Microsoft 365 comes with a range of productivity tools that integrate seamlessly so organizations can manage their workflow, communication, and storage all in one place. Microsoft Planner is Microsoft’s task management tool that makes it easy for teams to collaborate and organize their work visually.

Planner allows teams to create project plans, assign and organize tasks, manage project timelines, and collaborate in real time. Planner also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, meaning teams can store important links, files, and other content in addition to their associated tasks. This ensures that everything related to a project is stored together and is never deleted more than a click.

Here are three practical tips to help you get the most out of Microsoft Planner:

1) Integrate Planner with Microsoft Teams

Although you can open and manage Planner online, consider drawing up plans and organizing tasks directly from Microsoft Teams. This allows you to link Planner’s project and task management system to teams’ collaboration and communication platform, so that everything stays in one place and your team’s efficiency is dramatically improved. You can learn more by watching our video about collaborating with Microsoft Teams.

2) Organize tasks on action priority

Consider organizing tasks by action priority: keep quick wins (high impact, little effort) separate from large projects (high impact, high effort) and fill in (low impact, little effort). This allows you to prioritize activities based on time, importance, and effort.

3) Take advantage of the view

Planner has three different views (board, diagram, and schema) between which you can switch with a single click. The board view uses a Kanban-style board to organize and structure your tasks, while schema view provides a high-level calendar view of a project’s timeline and the chart view visually displays your progress. Learn more about views by watching our One-Minute Wednesday video about organizing by view in Microsoft Planner.

For organizations that already use Microsoft 365 and are looking for a tool to help their team manage project timelines and organize and assign tasks, Microsoft Planner is the perfect solution. Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and the rest of the Microsoft 365 product suite allows teams to manage tasks, files, and communications all in one place, increasing productivity and efficiency across the organization.

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