An update from Microsoft Teams makes it easier to receive calls from all your accounts.


What you need to know

Microsoft Teams has updates available for iOS and Android.

The Android update lets you receive calls from any Teams account, no matter what account you’re in.

The iOS Update for Teams lets you join Breakout Rooms from mobile devices.

Microsoft has updates for Teams on both iOS and Android. The updates don’t have common features, but both include new features that enhance the Teams experience. The Android update brings Teams to version 1416 /, while the iOS update brings Teams to version 2.3.0.

Here’s everything new in Microsoft Teams for iOS:

  • Manage meeting options directly from the meeting details tab
  • Better search results for meetings. Search terms such as “next meeting”, “strategy meeting”, etc.
  • Mobile meeting participants can join brainstorming rooms
  • Teams uses your device theme setting by default

The biggest addition to iOS is the ability for people on mobile devices to participate in Breakout Rooms. Brainstorming rooms allow people to split into smaller sub-meetings, and mobile support should make that process much easier.

Teams on Android have only one new feature:

Get calls from any Teams account you’re signed in to, no matter what account you’re in.

The ability to receive calls, regardless of which account you’re in, is a welcome change. People often have difficulty communicating through multiple accounts on Teams on mobile devices.

The updates should now be available to anyone using Teams on iOS or Android through their respective app stores.

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