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June 01, 2022

This Microsoft Word update prevents unintended changes

Microsoft Word already has read-only and revision modes, for when you want to view a document without making changes, but not everyone is familiar with those options. Microsoft is now testing a more visible switch for different modes.

Microsoft is experimenting with a new button in Word, in the top right corner of the window, that allows you to easily switch between three modes: Edit, Check (for suggesting changes and adding comments) and View (a read-only option). Those options already exist in Word, but they are in different menus that may be hard to find.

microsoft word editing

The name of the new button also changes depending on the mode you are using. That means it’s always easy to see which mode you’re in: just look at the top right corner. It is worth noting that Office Online has had an identical button for some time, but is in a slightly different location (at the end of the ribbon tabs).

edit in microsoft word

Microsoft says the new button is available in the Microsoft Office beta channel, starting with version 2206 (build 15314.10000). It should appear in regular stable builds of Word sometime in the next few weeks or months, assuming no significant bugs appear in the testing process.

Source: howtogeek

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