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March 27, 2023

Microsoft Teams is about to get faster and much more user-friendly

Microsoft has announced a major revamp of the Teams application for Windows, which was made available Monday as a public preview.

The brand said Teams has received a fundamental redesign that “will enable customers to navigate the challenges of the evolving modern workplace.”

Microsoft specifically focused on improving the app’s speed, performance and flexibility, stating that the new Teams is twice as fast while using 50% less memory by overhauling and optimizing the app’s “data, network, chat and video architecture,” the company added in his blog.

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has also made it easier to navigate through your Teams accounts with fewer clicks. You can access notifications, searches, messages and channels with less hassle. In addition, a major update in the new Teams allows you to stay logged in to multiple accounts at once and receive notifications and information from all accounts, regardless of which one you are currently using.

These are just some of the more than 50 updates that can be found on the new Teams. The innovation also comes on the tail of the brand’s major AI implementation in its suite of applications. See what’s new in Microsoft Teams at Enterprise Connect 2023 here

Source: digitaltrends

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