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December 29, 2021

First Look at Microsoft Loop in Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Loop was first introduced in Ignite 2021. After that, we have a first look at Microsoft Loop available in Microsoft Teams. Let’s explore the feature in detail.


Make sure you’ve enabled Preview features for your Microsoft Teams tenant.

Enable preview from Microsoft Teams

Click ellipses, select About, and select Developer Preview!

Teams Developer Preview

Now let’s talk about the different Microsoft Live features available in Microsoft Teams!

Right now we can see our Live features in Microsoft Teams chat!

We have the following Live parts available!

  1. Bulleted List
  2. Checklist
  3. Numbered list
  4. Paragraph
  5. Table
  6. To do list
Live components in Teams

How do I add Live Part?

  • To add live parts, click live part of Teams Chat, select the live part you want to add (e.g. Checklist)
  • Add loop component
  • That adds the next part.
    Add loop component
  • Add the content and click submit to collaborate with colleagues.
    Add loop component
  • After you add the live part in Teams, all colleagues can add the content in the live part. You can see live changes with the user’s name!
    Add loop component
  • Each loop part has the following three options in the top right corner
    • All Live Members who have access to Live Part
    • Manage access
    • Copy link

So, this is how we can add Live Features in Microsoft Teams!

Now let’s talk about different Live parts in detail!

Bulleted List

The Bulleted List component provides a bulleted structure for collaborating with teams.

bulleted list item


The Checklist section provides checkboxes for collaborating with teams. We can check or disable the pending tasks!

Checklist part

Numbered list

The Numbered List section provides some point structure for collaborating with teams.

numbered component List


The paragraph part provides a flexible text area to coordinate with people.

Paragraph Component


Table components provide table structure to coordinate with team members.

Table Component

To do list

The task list provides a structure with task name, assigned to and due date.

task list item


This way we can use Microsoft Loop functionality in Microsoft Teams! Is not that great??

Source: c-sharpcorner

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