You can now turn off chat during Microsoft Teams meetings.


What you need to know

  • With Microsoft Teams, you can now turn off chat during meetings.
  • Chat can be turned on or off per meeting.
  • You can also set it up so that attendees can only chat during the meeting.

Thousands of people asked for Microsoft Teams to be able to turn off chats within meetings. Microsoft has responded and rolled out the feature to Teams. Now people can turn chat on or off by meeting. A Microsoft technician explains the feature in a Teams feedback forum.

“Allow the meeting organizer to temporarily disable the chat during a meeting,” the original feedback asked. Adding: “We often have people who are so focused on the chat that they don’t pay attention to the actual meeting. We would like to be able to turn off the chat at the beginning of the meeting and then turn it back on to an appropriate point. “

A Microsoft technician confirmed that the feature is now available and shared a link to a Microsoft support page.

The page explains that there are three options for chats during meetings:

Enabled (default): Attendees can chat before, during, and after the meeting.

Disabled: No one, including the organizer, can send instant messages.

Only during the meeting: Attendees can chat during the meeting. The organizer can send messages at any time.

Use the option next to Allow Chat with Meeting to switch between these settings.

Source: windowscentral

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