Microsoft Teams webinar capabilities will be available to everyone in April.


As it gets stronger and stronger, Microsoft Teams now seems to be beating the webinar industry in the latest update.

The video conferencing platform will soon be able to support interactive webinars for people inside and outside an organization with up to 1000 participants.

The feature was announced at Microsoft Ignite in March 2021, but the company now says it will be available to users within weeks.


The new Microsoft Teams feature helps users support fully interactive webinars from start to finish, offering tools like custom registration, comprehensive presentation options, host checks like the ability to turn off chat and video from visitors, and post-event reporting.

If your webinar reaches more than 1,000 users, Microsoft Teams can switch to offering a 10,000-person broadcast experience.

This follows the release of Microsoft Teams Connect on Ignite 2021, which allows users to invite third parties (e.g. customers and partners) to a single shared channel instead of adding them as a network guest.

The service allows external contacts to take advantage of all Teams collaboration capabilities – including chat, meetings, document co-creation, etc. – while giving the host organisation more control over how users access data.

The launch also comes shortly after Microsoft revealed that joining a Teams conversation will become even easier – through a tool heavily influenced by one of its biggest rivals, Zoom.

Source: techradar

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