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Microsoft is revamping your teams’ polls with AI.


Microsoft has only just added polling within Teams, and now the software giant is already improving. You’ll soon be able to create polls using Microsoft’s powerful AI technology… And that’s not all.

What’s in the Works for Microsoft Teams polls?

Neowin caught air from a series of listings on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap that refers to the company’s plans to revamp the way presenters poll their visitors. The Roadmap is a fantastic tool for spotting future updates, and that’s where we first discovered that Microsoft is adding anonymous presenters to Teams.

The first is function 79493,titled “Microsoft Teams: Ai-based Questionnaire Questions for Teams Meeting”. Microsoft describes this feature as such:

When the user wants to take a poll for their Teams meeting, the Forms intelligence service will suggest some polls based on the purpose of the meeting.

This will be an interesting feature to see in action. Presumably, a meeting organizer can use Microsoft’s AI to automatically create a poll based on what the meeting is about. Of course, such features are only useful if the AI behind them is up to date, so we’ll have to see if this feature works as intended.

Microsoft’s AI also dives into polls you’ve created before. Function ID 79494 is called “Microsoft Teams: Suggestion for Historical Ai-based Polls for Teams Meetings.” This feature is similar to the above, except that Teams take a dive into the polls you’ve created before and suggest something based on that.

Finally, there’s Feature ID 79495,titled “Microsoft Teams: AI-based Team Survey Options Suggestion.” It allows the AI to recommend options to choose from when creating a poll.

That’s all from the AI side, but Microsoft has more planned. Function 80519 allows a poll creator to set up a correct answer for multiple choice questions. This is probably a position that focuses more on education than on a business environment.

When you’re done with the meeting, function 79498 helps generate a post-meeting report with all the polls conducted during the session, plus their results. This is shared with the meeting organizer and the presenters.

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