Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms make it easy to share quizzes and surveys over the Internet.


What you need to know

  • Microsoft Forms is now available for personal use.
  • Microsoft Forms lets you create surveys and topics that you can easily share.
  • People can fill out the surveys and quizzes created on the Internet or in the Office mobile app.

Microsoft Forms is now available and no longer has a preview. Forms lets you create surveys and quizzes that you can easily share with people over the Internet. People can view surveys and quizzes on smartphones, tablets, and PCs through a browser or the Office mobile app.

When you create a survey or quiz in Forms, you can use pre-existing templates or create content from scratch. The smart templates suggest things you can include, such as questions you want to add, and answers to list as options. Forms also suggest a theme for your quiz or survey. You can create forms with text, images, and videos to gather the information you need from people.

In a blog post, Microsoft shares several examples of how people can use teams, including planning birthday parties, getting feedback through surveys, and planning the holidays.

I’ve been using Microsoft Forms for the past month while it was in the preview for the American football team I coach. As part of the current health guidelines, all players and coaches must fill out a pre-training health form before participating in personal team activities. I’ve been using Forms over the past few weeks to collect responses from the team. Forms has an option to export responses in Excel, making it easy to copy to my team’s main spreadsheet.

When you create a survey or quiz within forms, you can share it with a link or via a QR code. Comments are updated in real time so you can use Forms in different settings.

Microsoft Forms also has versions for business and education. The personal version now available is free to use for anyone with a Microsoft account. If you have Microsoft 365 Personal or Family, you’ll get additional features such as an increased number of respondents.

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