Ignite 2021: Announcement of Microsoft Mesh.


This morning, Microsoft spent most of the Ignite 2021 keynote unveiling Microsoft Mesh, the new Virtual Reality platform that takes HoloLens and virtual reality to a whole new level. Now, after the announcements are over, Microsoft has released a series of new sessions on Ignite, all scheduled for today, Tuesday, March 2.

Ignite 2021: Announcement of Microsoft Mesh.

Microsoft Mesh is a new platform built on Microsoft Azure, which allows developers to build immersive, multi-user, cross-platform mixed reality apps. Microsoft Mesh allows users to connect to presence, share in space, and collaborate in an immersive way as if they were personal, regardless of physical location. Customers can use Mesh to improve virtual meetings, perform virtual design sessions, help better remotely, learn virtually together, organize virtual social gatherings, and meetings.

Mixed Reality is the fourth wave in computing, followed by mainframes, PCs and smartphones. Mixed Reality becomes mainstream among consumers and commercial ones, freeing screen-based experiences in instinctive interactions in your space, between your stuff, with your people. Hundreds of millions of Niantic explorers around the world have experienced MR through the devices in your pocket. Because we lack personal social contacts, meetings such as concerts and fitness training move into the virtual world. More than 50% of Fortune 500 organizations have implemented HoloLens and other Mixed Reality solutions to drive material RoI to their business. Given such large numbers, one would assume that hundreds, if not thousands, of Mixed Reality experiences would be developed today. But that’s not the case. There are some underlying hard issues that keep developers from creating these immersive experiences, particularly:

  • Representing people in MR with appropriate realism requires a lot of time and resources.
  • Keeping a hologram stable in a shared MR space over time and device types is a non-trivial issue.
  • It is difficult to integrate high-fidelity 3D models into MR to support our customers’ file formats.
  • Synchronizing people’s actions and expressions in a geographically dispersed MR session is complex.

These challenges have prevented developers from enabling MR experiences for multi-user scenarios. It is this set of challenges that Microsoft Mesh wants to solve. Mesh provides a platform for developers to design immersive MR apps for multiple users without having to worry about complex technical issues. Let’s take a look at the core components of the Microsoft Mesh platform for developers:

Ignite 2021: Announcement of Microsoft Mesh.

Source: onmsft, Microsoft

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