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June 18, 2022

Microsoft Defender launches on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

Microsoft 365 subscribers get a new security dashboard

Microsoft launched a new Defender cybersecurity app for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android on June 16. Although the software giant has been using the Defender name for its antivirus protection for years, this new platform-independent Microsoft Defender app is designed for individuals as more of a simplified dashboard that leverages existing antivirus software or provides additional device protection.

Microsoft Defender is available to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers starting today, and features vary by platform. On iOS and iPadOS, for example, there is no antivirus protection and the app instead offers some webphishing protections in addition to a dashboard with alerts for other devices.

On Android, Microsoft Defender includes antivirus protection and the ability to scan for malicious apps. The app also scans links to provide protection against web phishing. Microsoft Defender on Windows works more like a dashboard rather than trying to replace the built-in Windows security app. You can view your existing antivirus protection from Norton, McAfee or other vendors and manage and view security protections across devices.

Microsoft Defender on iOS. Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Defender also includes security alerts and tips for multiple devices, although the tips are only available on Windows and macOS.

The app feels like it will be redundant for many, but it will be useful for those who want to protect family members and multiple devices in a simple dashboard. Microsoft promises that more features are on the way as well.

“The expansion of our security portfolio to include Microsoft Defender for individuals is the natural and exciting progression in our journey as a security company,” said Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of Microsoft Security. “This is just the beginning. As we look further, we will continue to bring more security together under one dashboard, including features such as identity theft protection and secure online connection.”

Source: theverge

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