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May 25, 2023

Gmail Plant Security Update: Removal of Two-Year Inactive Accounts

Gmail is preparing to implement a new security strategy: deleting accounts that have been inactive for two years. However, this need not be a reason to panic. If you own such an account and want to continue using it, there is a simple solution: log in.

Google’s goal with this move is to increase security and create a safer online environment for its users. This is explained in detail in a recent blog post from the company.

Google notes that inactive accounts often fall prey more easily to hackers and other cybercriminals. This is because they are usually less secure and thus vulnerable to attacks such as spam and identity fraud.

Although the new rule is effective immediately, Google will not begin removing inactive accounts until December. Therefore, it is essential to log in and keep your account active if you want to keep your Gmail address.

How do you keep your Gmail address?

Google will not abruptly remove a Gmail address. In the months leading up to removal, the company will send several warnings. By simply logging into your account, watching a YouTube video, reading an email on Gmail or downloading an app from the Play Store, you can keep your account active.

With this move, Google is following the lead of Twitter, which previously announced to reuse inactive usernames. By being proactive and using your account regularly, you can prevent your account from falling under this new rule.

Source: Google

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