You can now convert a Microsoft Word document to a PowerPoint presentation.


A while ago, Microsoft announced that it would soon support converting Word documents to PowerPoint presentations. If this sounds like a useful feature for your workflow, you’re in luck; Microsoft released the conversion tool today.

Make presentations easier with word conversion’

Microsoft has posted all the juicy details on the Tech Community website. The news was no surprise, as Microsoft has alluded to this feature in the past. However, it is now available for public use.

There is a small catch; you cannot use the feature yet in the software version of Word. It’s currently only in Word for the web, so you need to use Microsoft’s cloud office service to convert Word documents to PowerPoint.

Unfortunately, you can’t grab any Word document, guide it through the converter, and get a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation. The AI needs some guidance on what the most important talking points in your document are to generate a slide for each.

To do this, you need correctly formatted headers in your Word document to guide the AI. Once that’s done, the AI will go through your document and pick keywords to design slides. It will even find relevant media to add slides to you.

To try this feature, Microsoft has described some useful steps to convert a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Open a document that you want to convert to a presentation in Word for the web.
  2. Click File> Export> Export to PowerPoint Presentation.
  3. If requested, choose a design theme for your presentation.
  4. Click Open Presentation to see the results in PowerPoint for the web.
  5. The presentation is created and stored in the OneDrive root folder on the user’s computer.

Unfortunately, the tool currently only supports English and cannot transfer media from your Word document to PowerPoint. However, you can manually add some once the AI has created the presentation.

Accelerate productivity with Microsoft’s AI

If you’ve always wanted to write your own presentations, you’re in luck. With Microsoft, you can now convert a Word document to a PowerPoint presentation, although the conversion quality has yet to be seen.

If you’d rather not hand over the creation of PowerPoint presentations to a robot, there are still plenty of tools for people who create their slides manually. For example, there are useful PowerPoint templates that can speed up the creation process and give your slides a professional look.

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