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15 augustus 2023

ALTA-ICT: focus on your business operations thanks to our Service Desk

We see it often: companies that have shot out of the starting blocks and are experiencing nice growth. Often with in-house IT management. You have virtually no time or energy for that besides regular business operations. That’s why the ALTA-ICT Service Desk offers a solution. Thus, the specialists of ALTA-ICT relieve and support your employees. With security, Microsoft 365, Azure and other IT-related issues.

ALTA Service: solutions and advice

Companies regularly come knocking on our mailbox with questions and problems. The Service Desk is a professional services platform designed specifically to help businesses. But also to innovate in the IT landscape and get the best out of your business. Expect from ALTA-ICT technical advice and services that simplify the work of your employees. Less hassle, more productivity. But what do our Service Desk services look like?

Proactive support

Our specialty is everything around Microsoft 365, in first-, second- and third-line support. From solving simple problems and tickets, to more complex issues in your IT department. Also consider software instructions, answering user questions and license management. We also support the setup of the digital infrastructure and incident management through the Service Desk. Through a booking page, it is possible to schedule a time with ALTA-ICT. All of these tickets are created and managed in Autotask.

By the way, we like to work proactively in the background for your best work experience. Do we see suspicious activity, unnecessary software or threats in installed drivers? If so, we will take action and keep you informed.

Why choose ALTA-ICT’s Service Desk?

As we pointed out earlier, most clients are in control of the management themselves. Logical, of course. They are often self-employed individuals who have grown into medium-sized limited liability companies. IT management then becomes too specialized and time-consuming for them, so they outsource it to ALTA-ICT. We make sure that business operations are back at the forefront. We can do this because of our passion for technology and Microsoft. We really love that. And why?

ALTA Inspire

For the very latest trends and best practices, you need to be with us. We love using this knowledge to improve your IT strategy and operations. Sharing customer success stories is energizing: especially when they have achieved significant transformations and improvements through ón our services. This motivates us to continuously optimize these services.

For example, our experts do this by attending webinars, participating in the Microsoft community and sharing lots of news about Microsoft 365 and Azure. Companies see our knowledge and experience and then knock on our door: ‘We’ve been following you for some time and want to migrate to the cloud. Can you help us?’

With our service and our inexhaustible inspiration, we will then see how we can best help you. Want to know more right now? Then contact us through the website.

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