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October 07, 2023

One-time access code feature comes to Teams Rooms

Starting in November, Teams members can use a specific feature during their first startup experience in Teams. However, only pro-licensed users can access it for now. It is unclear whether Microsoft plans to make this feature available to all users, but given Teams’ vulnerability to attack, it would be prudent.

Teams: Common Malware Target

It is common knowledge that Microsoft Teams is susceptible to all kinds of modern malware. The app’s popularity makes it a favorite target for hackers. By 2022, as many as 40% of Microsoft Teams users were victims of phishing and cyber attacks.

To counter this threat, Microsoft has introduced a one-time access code security feature on several of its platforms, including Microsoft Teams.

This feature, which sends users a unique code to recover forgotten passwords, will also become available for Teams Rooms, as recently announced in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

Easier Settings for Teams Rooms with OTP

This innovation provides a streamlined authentication process in Teams Rooms for both managers and users. At startup, Teams users are given the option to enter the one-time access code and automatically obtain the appropriate login credentials for Teams Rooms.

Nevertheless, the function has a limitation. Only Teams members with a pro license can use this. In addition, one-time access codes must be requested through the Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal.

The rollout of this feature is scheduled for November. Depending on its success, Microsoft may decide to expand it to all Teams users.

Given the ongoing threats to Microsoft Teams and the risk to users of phishing, expanding this handy feature would strengthen the overall security of the app. We are curious about Microsoft’s future plans in this area.


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