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October 09, 2023

NIS2: A Mandatory Step Toward Better Cybersecurity

European companies are under pressure: they urgently need to adapt to tightened NIS2 security requirements. This is not just about legal obligations, but about improving IT security, something that benefits us all.


  • NIS2 is a revamped EU directive aimed at strengthening the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure, and now covers a wider range of companies in different sectors than the previous NIS regulations.
  • By October 2024, all EU member states must implement these minimum legal requirements at the national level.
  • NIS2 sets clear standards for cybersecurity, risk analysis, incident response management and supply chain security.

In 2022, the EU expanded the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive, in place since 2016, to respond to growing threats to “critical infrastructures. The updated NIS2 regulations went into effect this year.

The initial NIS regulations applied to sectors such as energy, health care and transportation. NIS2 has expanded this scope to include companies such as food manufacturers, electronics manufacturers and waste management companies.

What does “highly critical” mean now?

Sectors such as energy, transportation, health care and public administration are now considered “highly critical” throughout the EU.

By October 2024, all EU member states must meet minimum IT security requirements. As an example: Germany is already well advanced in this process, with legislation proposed as early as July 2023.

What are the new requirements?

Companies covered by NIS2 must meet strict requirements in areas such as cybersecurity, risk analysis and crisis management. There is also now much more emphasis on risk management and supply chain security.

How can ALTA-ICT help?

Meeting standards such as NIS2, SOC2, ISO27001 and others can seem daunting. Fortunately, ALTA-ICT can help you with this. With expertise in these and many other regulatory frameworks, we are ready to guide your organization towards full compliance and security. Contact us today and make sure your business is prepared and protected.

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